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Users often leave Web pages in 10, 20 seconds, the average page visit lasts less than a minute

- Jacob Nielsen

What is SEO?

Why choose 1stPlace SEO?

What are Google AdWords?

Why make use of SEO?

Within the first 3 seconds interaction, a user will decide if they will stay on your site or not. If there isn't any relevant information they require in these first seconds, users tend to leave and continue searching on other websites. Which is bad news for online business. Search engine optimization is a means of ensuring that your business is getting noticed.

As online presence accounts for such a large diversity of consumer needs, it is critical to ensure that your business is being advertised to the majority of your target audience. What SEO management does, is to ensure an online presence within our digital community.

How can digital communication be effective for your website?

It needs to be highly visible, easily understood and logically perceived in order for digital information to be effective and user friendly. What SEO maintenance then does, it ensures that your online presence is being indexed through the major search engines which rank your site. SEO is thereby a means to effective online marketing and advertising your business in today's digital economy.

1stPlace SEO is a division of 2KO International

The division was formed by Barry Smith who discovered that Google adwords was very effective but very costly. By studying and reading everything there was to know about SEO, 2KO staff started to do seo on their own sites, and discovered by trial and error what works and what does not work.

Six years down the road, 1stplace is a business that is selective in the client base it works with and is able to produce top results, almost without fail.

Services include, site analysis, site reports, key word advertising on Google or Facebook, Google analytics set up and much more.

About 2KO International

2KO International was formed in 1998 by a partnership between Barry Smith and Gary Williams. Barry was previously Managing Director of Training Connection in Johannesburg, now Torque-IT. Barry had a partnership with another Gary (Gary Chalmers), and together they started Training Connection from a garage. Training Connection, with it's primary centre in Rivonia, grew to be the largest Microsoft technical training centre in the Southern hemisphere within three years of being established.

2KO International joined forces with Inspecs in the UK. Inspecs owned a building in London and have subsequently moved to Farleigh where they bought Farleigh Castle, where 2KO based their UK operation. 2KO was appointed a Microsoft Partner in 1999, and has continued the close relationship with Microsoft ever since. 2KO expanded its training through the early 2000's into Cisco and other non-Microsoft programs too. In 2007, 2KO International was granted ISETT SETA approval and subsequently has received MICT approval. This means companies in South Africa may claim back most of the course fees paid out on courses at our centres

In 2015, 2KO International expanded into Africa and rebranded as 2KO Africa, with a focus on IT Services and Support. By providing a customized IT solution for a business in both South Africa and Africa, 2KO Africa believes that they can make a real impact on the Information Technology sector.

IT Services

3 Pillars of 2KO

3 Pillars of 2KO

3 Pillars of 2KO


"We don't sell training, we sell dreams."

About Our Company

Founded in 1998, with a footprint in 18 countries in Africa.

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